For several year now, I have worked with Mark Johnson and Saba Island Premier Properties. Mark has been a fabulous resource and asset for all my Saba needs. As a realtor, Mark is very knowledgeable and effective in getting the deal negotiated and closed. He worked tirelessly to make sure that all aspects of the sale were quickly addressed and resolved. I expected buying properties on Saba to be complicated and drawn-out, but Mark was able to make every step simple and understandable. Overall, our real estate purchases have proceeded without a hitch.

One of the properties I purchased is being used as a vacation rental. Again, Mark has made that dream a simple reality. His grasp of the local quirks and ways is priceless. Our guests have been very pleased with his full-service concierge skills. As owners, he has communicated any issues that require our attention, while handling all the normal needs of guests and our property very smoothly for us.   

I have also enjoyed being a customer of Mark’s fabulous jewelry line that he designs and sells at Jewel Cottage. Mark’s design’s span from gloriously edgy and fashion-forward all the way to breath-taking classic pieces. Each piece is unique and remarkable, with many unusual stones and settings. My jewelry from Mark’s Jewel Cottage always gets raves and compliments, from friends and strangers alike.

Mark is also the consummate host with an eye toward grand hospitality. His cottage hotel, Cottage Club, is a wonderful resource for times when we have more family and friends on the island than we can put in our homes. Cottage Club offers the amenities of a resort mixed with the gracious hospitality and caring of years gone by. At Cottage Club, our friends and family have experienced the traditional cottages of Saba with unparalleled service, majestic views of the Caribbean and a warm family atmosphere.

As a host, Mark’s experience and training in the culinary arts is well known on the island. If you are very lucky, you might get to sample one of his impeccably served, gourmet dinners served in a very traditional Saban atmosphere. I can honestly say that having Mark Johnson as my “Go To Guy” on Saba has made my life on the mainland much easier, and my life on the island a time for enjoyment and relaxation.

Wanda Goodman