Mt Scenery

Mount Scenery - Saba Island Premier Properties

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Mount Scenery - Saba Island Premier PropertiesMount Scenery - Saba Island Premier Properties

With its welcoming, enchanted and unique qualities this unspoiled island inspires eco-builders who want to limit impact on the environment

In recent years there has been a huge shift in awareness and people all over the world are looking for ways to make their lives more sustainable.

The vantage point of Mount Scenery Road and it’s pristine “Jurassic”forested land is the ultimate way to get back to nature. Design and Environmental Planning are all buzzwords of this current age and there has been an explosion in technology and methods to build eco homes that have a positive, rather than detrimental effect on the environment, and the local government supports this movement.

With this considerate vision in mind the offering is four parcels of land with direct access positioned on the upper side of Mount Scenery Road. A short walk at the end of the road leads to a trail head that connects to several parts of the island.

Site 1  3 parcels combined 2790 square meters
Site 2  1 parcel 1602 square meters

This natural tropical landscape setting provides a powerful view presentation of the rolling seas, neighbouring islands and the gentle community life of Windwardside Village.

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